[AHC] Hyaluronic Toner 100 ml

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Product Details

Moisture-Boosting Hyaluronic Toner
for Dry and Dull Skin

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    HydratingMoisture-binding hyaluronic acid provides intensive hydration to replenish and refine dehydrated skin.
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    RefiningThe optimal combination of herbal and floral ingredients help clarify dull skin tone.


The following is a description of the ingredients, not the product.

Hyaluronic Acid

The excellent moisture-retaining capabilities
of hyaluronic acid provide concentrated hydration
for dry and rough skin.

5 Herb Ingredients

Rosemary, Peppermint, Bergamot, Tea Tree, Scented Geranium

Herbal ingredients clarify dull skin tone caused
by internal or external conditions,
and help maintain moisture to purify complexion.

3 Flower Ingredients

Lavender, Freesia, Chamomile

Floral ingredients soothe and moisturize
externally sensitized skin
to nurture moist and healthy skin.

How to Use

Daily Treatment

After cleansing, dispense an appropriate amount onto a cotton pad and gently wipe along the contours of the skin or dispense onto hands and lightly dab until absorbed.